A downloadable game

Update: Hi, thanks to Wano I was able to update this file to the current version of Paper RPGMaker (1.10.1)! 

I made a quick game in RPG Paper Maker, this game is like maybe a minute or more long and is like a test to see what type of game I could make before the next update.

The game is free. It's my first game in this program. All pixel art assets were created by me. 

Install instructions

Wow, thanks for playing!


A Winter Walk - 2020 version 1.8.4 17 MB
A Winter Walk - current version 78 MB


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I really love the 2.5d aesthetic of this game! If you decide to continue developing it, it would make a great narrative game

Thanks for playing! I rarely get any feedback on it so it's greatly appreciated!

Since I can't open the file anymore due to it not being able to update to the newer version of the software, I cannot continue developing it sadly.  I liked making it and I do occasionally open it up to play it.

I'm working on new games at the moment, but I actually like the engine I made this in a lot and would like to make more games in it.  

That's awesome! Good luck with your future game ideas :)