Promised Memory: Devlog 1, Characters

Drawing the characters turned out easier than drawing the backgrounds, how do you draw non-distracting backgrounds? A bar? A forest?

The current prototype is currently bare bones because I am trying to create a feeling between FFT, Suikoden 2 and Saga Frontier, games from my younger gaming years that I have nostalgia for.

The next update will be on the backgrounds and (what I would like) the GUI design (to look like). These updates will be the prototype characters so far. These are the first iterations. Their hands will be on display in their final design.

Characters Mage and Lyle were prototyped quickly, I probably could have made and finished their art designs but I am still working out their character images. 

Ren (left) and Jiren (right) are father and adopted son. Jiren temporarily handles the business of Mermaid's Port until you repair the port and then he becomes your assistant, giving him more free time. He shares your interest in seafood noodles. Ren has a lot of issues and worries about being abandoned or left behind by his adopted father constantly. Ren isn't a love interest but your relationships with Jiren and unlocking features will depend on making him happy.

Characters that appear later "love interest" Nisay (who is non-binary) on the left and merchant mother Jorani and her daughter Mealea.

I didn't scan in Mage's re-design or "love interest" Princess Opal. Note, Princess Opal is the tallest character in the game.

So far, our "love interests" are:
- Nisay, a sadistic noble who adores the main character would like to monopolize all their time.
- Princess Opal, the Emperor's daughter, who is interest in your abilities
- A dragon that becomes your staunch ally after you solve the mystery of the sea creatures 

If left the last love interest out, because I am still deciding if it should be Jiren or it should be an older guy (I know my target demographic).

See you all tomorrow for more dev updates!


PromisedMemory - Prototype1.0 Nov 3rd

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