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A Final Fantasy Tactics/Suikoden 2 inspired relationship simulator with gender options.

You play an unknown mage who returns to a ravaged port town to revive it once more. I wanted to make a game that doesn't PUNISH the player story-wise for not ending up in a relationship at the end of the game and that making friends can be just as fulfilling.

The release date has changed to November/December 2021 due to the current pandemic.

Game prototype should have colorized backgrounds and be more detailed.  More images to come. Thanks for reading.

This game has:
- Gender Options
- Asexual, Romantic and Friendship routes (note, Asexual and friendship option are two different routes)
- Restoring and rebuilding a town!!!
- 4 relationship options to date in male/female and asexual with an added non-binary mode (preferred pronouns optional in non-binary mode).
- Many friendship routes and adventurers to befriend and travel with
- Making friends (and possibly trading), my favourite aspect of Suikoden 2

This game does not have:
- Sexual options,  I consider this game to be teen for its romance options.


Will you finish this game?
Yes, I need more games in my portfolio.

Hey, are there any warnings for the game?
Warnings: Death, mention of death, suicide mention, some sad parts in the beginning due to mention of a broken engagement. 

How long is this game?
I am aiming to make this a 2-5+ hour-long game. If you skip text, it will probably be shorter.

What is the romance like?
Fire Emblem style romance, where at most the characters kiss and affirm that they love each other.

Will you release this on Steam or will there be Steam Keys?
At the moment this will be soft-launching on Itch.io first. I would like to launch on Steam. If I do, Steam Keys will be provided.


Pre-order Now$6.00 USD or more

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